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Announcing Vanguard Healthcare Solutions' new LARGER Mobile Hospital Ward

4 March, 2024
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Vanguard's new 10 bed ward is available from the 1st March 2024

Hospital ward space is often at a premium, particularly during seasonal periods of additional pressure. Our new 10 bay hospital ward can significantly increase the bed space available at a hospital, easing the pressure on healthcare providers and improving patient access to vital care.

Our mobile facilities, which can be installed and commissioned within weeks, include operating theatres, endoscopy suites, endoscope decontamination, sterilisation, wards, clinics, minor injuries units and ambulance handover. Scalable, including integration with tailormade modular facilities, they serve as surgical hubs and community diagnostic centres.

If you need additional healthcare team members to work on the wards, we can arrange that for you. We can also provide medical equipment on request. It’s all part of our comprehensive solutions offering. 

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions is a leading global provider of flexible clinical infrastructure and services, delivering high quality, technically advanced solutions at pace by partnering with our clients to improve health outcomes. We work with our clients to provide high quality, sustainable healthcare solutions, with bespoke Healthcare Spaces that address the unique needs of each healthcare system.

We also have 6 bed/8 trolley, Hospital Ward's available, helping Trust's to cope with increasing capacity and helping to alleviate pressures on emergency departments.

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