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Our frameworks

Procurement plans tailored to your needs.

We are specialists at offering healthcare facility solutions that are supported by our clinical services.  These can be standardised or bespoke, rented or purchased, dependant on your requirements. 

We offer a range of contracting options and can work to your capital or operational expenditure priorities. Our Healthcare Spaces are available on several different frameworks for simplicity and convenience. Our team will take you through the options and guide you every step of the way. 

Our Frameworks

NHS SBS Clinical Managed Services

  • Contract Reference Number/Identification Number – Modular Buildings SBS 10091
  • Lot 3 – Modular Healthcare Units for Purchase
  • Lot 4 – Modular Healthcare Units for Hire


  • The framework agreement has three lots which provide comprehensive coverage within the area of managed service provision 
  • Spend areas include, but are not limited to, diagnostics, diagnostic imaging, renal, catheter laboratories, decontamination, and maintenance services
  • The framework agreement provides options for OEM or vendor neutral solutions or supporting consultancy services

Framework benefits:

  • OJEU avoidance
  • Direct award contracts for approved suppliers – a timely and compliant route to market 
  • Mini competitions for bespoke requirements can help drive competitive outcomes
  • End-to-end solution – range of spend areas and suppliers, consultancy, and call-off contract
  • Dedicated project support – expert resource on a fee-paying basis for specification development, stakeholder engagement, conducting mini-competitions
  • Wide choice of suppliers to reflect multiple spend areas
  • Full UK geographic coverage
  • Flexible contract terms – Terms and conditions of contract for the framework agreement and call-off terms and conditions written specifically for this Framework by Mills and Reeve

NHS Supply Chain

  • Managed Equipment and Clinical Service Solutions (MECSS)
  • Lot 1 – Short to Medium Term Clinical Service Solutions
  • Lot 2 – Long Term Managed Equipment and Clinical Service Solutions


  • This framework agreement offers access to services which provide fully bespoke managed equipment and clinical service solutions within, but not limited to, an imaging or theatre environment
  • These services, provided with or without staff, can support meeting key service-related targets and help reduce patient backlog, resulting in the potential for quicker patient diagnosis
  • Clients can choose the service provision, the length of the contract and the supplier

Framework benefits:

  • Managed equipment services — delivery of revenue-based equipment replacement programmes 
  • Delivery of Community Diagnostic Centres, decreasing patient diagnosis times
  • End-to-end National Screening Programmes (booking, scanning, and reporting) e.g. lung health checks 
  • Savings opportunities via Multi-Trust Aggregation, enabling clients to combine their service requirements to drive better value
  • Bridges the gap when old equipment is decommissioned and new equipment is installed
  • Provision of patient services in an emergency, where a fixed site becomes inoperable

Crown Commercial Solutions – Offsite Construction (Lot 2 — Healthcare)

  • RM6184 Offsite Construction Solutions
  • Lot 2 – sub-Lot 2.1 — Healthcare


  • RM6186 Offsite Construction Solutions Framework provides public sector organisations with the design, fabrication, physical delivery and construction or installation and maintenance of prefabricated buildings, as well as direct access to manufacturers for a complete range of offsite construction solutions 
  • The services provided by this agreement will offer you an alternative to a traditionally built environment. You will be able to buy or hire off-site solutions that are designed and manufactured to a particular specification 
  • Suppliers will manufacture solutions off-site and will physically deliver them to your site for installation, thus reducing both disruption and lead time 
  • This agreement will be the ‘go-to’ place, in the event of a national or local need for both permanent and temporary buildings


Framework benefits:

  • Utilises latest technology and modern methods of construction (MMC) to promote innovation and efficiency
  • Supports industry initiatives in sustainability, prompt payment, social value, and carbon net zero
  • Applies construction playbook principles
  • Offers a complete turnkey package solution — everything needed for an off-site construction solution can be accessed through this framework
  • Supplier approval through a rigorous selection process
  • Contract options — New Engineering Contract (NEC), Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT), Project Partnering Contract (PC2000), Term Alliance Contract (TAC-1)
  • Delivers value for money
  • Standard prices – maximum prices are fixed for the first two years of the framework agreement contract
  • Opportunities for further price reductions via further competition, early contractor involvement and effective risk management in direct award
  • Supports the use of whole life cost approaches in public sector spending (considers the total cost of a product or service over its lifetime)

NHS Commercial Solutions (Modular/Pre-fabricated Solutions)

  • Modular/Prefabricated Building Solutions
  • NHSCS Reference Number = 5028-3946
  • Lot 1 – Catalogue of Products
  • Lot 2 – Purchase and Hire of Modular/Pre-fabricated buildings
  • Lot 3 – Bespoke


  • Modular/Pre-fabricated buildings are frequently used by NHS organisations to meet the increasing demand for facilities. They provide a cost-effective solution for establishing buildings rapidly, without interrupting services
  • NHS Commercial Solutions established a Framework Agreement for Modular/Pre-fabricated Building Solutions that is accessible by all NHS organisations and the wider public sector organisations


Framework benefits:

  • A quick and compliant route to market — covers a wide range of Modular/Pre-fabricated buildings available for purchase or hire
  • Allows for bespoke facilities — designed, constructed, delivered, installed, and maintained according to clients’ requirements
  • Accessible to all NHS organisations and the wider public sector in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
  • A range of building solutions can be delivered through the framework, including small and large surgeries (GP and dental), wards and theatres and temporary treatment units

London Healthcare Consortium (MB2 — Supply and Installation of Modular Buildings)

  • Supply and Installation of Modular Buildings (MB2)
  • Lot 4 – Permanent Healthcare Buildings
  • Lot 5 – Permanent Healthcare Buildings 


  • The LHC Framework Agreement for Modular Buildings, (design, manufacture, supply, and installation), is available to public sector organisations in England, Scotland and Wales and forms one of the LHC Construction, Extension and Refurbishment portfolio
  • Fully OJEU compliant, the Modular Buildings Framework provides public sector organisations with easy access to off-site manufactured, volumetric, and panelised building systems


Framework benefits:

  • Commitment to deliver tangible social value and community benefits, meeting local and regional needs
  • Ambition to leave a social legacy wherever possible when working with clients and appointed companies 
  • Promotes, identifies, implements, and monitors the impact of these value capitals throughout the life of the Framework. This may be supported by social value and community benefit initiatives alongside the delivery of the works and service contracts in meeting local and regional needs

ESPO (Modular Healthcare Buildings – Hire and Purchase)

  • Framework Reference Number = m953-22
  • Modular Healthcare Buildings – Hire and Purchase
  • Lot 2A – Modular Healthcare Buildings – Hire
  • Lot 2B – Modular Healthcare Buildings – Purchase


  • Lot 2B covers purchase of healthcare buildings for a variety of uses including operating theatres, wards, laboratories, pharmacies, GP surgeries, A&E departments, dental surgeries, and waiting rooms. It offers a 5-year minimum warranty
  • Lot 2A can be used if you decide to hire, rather than buy. It has the same 5-year minimum warranty and is available for rental periods from 26 weeks

Framework benefits:

  • Fully compliant with UK/EU procurement legislation
  • Wide range of rates available allowing for direct call-off opportunities for each specific modular building type
  • Approved suppliers – all those listed on the framework were assessed during the procurement process for their financial stability, track record, experience, and technical and professional ability
  • No additional charges – what you see is what you pay 
  • Pre-agreed terms and conditions underpin all orders
  • Social value benefits can be obtained

Countess of Chester Hospital (Modular Turnkey Solutions/CDC)

  • Proposed National Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Capital Turnkey Solutions and Community Diagnostic Centres
  • Reference Number = DPS/11/CTS/21/AB
  • Lot 1 – Capital Turnkey Solutions
  • Lot 2 – Community Diagnostic Centres


The Countess of Chester Hospital Commercial Procurement Services has awarded a multi-supplier national DPS for capital turnkey solutions and community diagnostic centres with Lots 1 and 2

The agreement enabled the procurement of capital turnkey solutions, including works and equipment, for community diagnostic centres to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients

Framework benefits:

  • Free access to a DPS, saving procurement time and cost
  • A single supplier can deliver one or more of the elements associated with the build: equipment supply, enabling works, design and build, facilities management, and financing
  • Single contract procurement of capital equipment and enabling works saves time and ensures compliance
  • Facilities management contracts available with maintenance and serviced options
  • A range of suppliers with proven experience in providing turnkey solutions and community diagnostic centres 
  • Scope can include financing options, if required
  • Compliant route for specialist works required to set up community diagnostic centres

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions
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