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Our clinicians 

Working together

Our clinical experts work closely with you throughout each stage of the process to ensure that we fully understand your needs and requirements. Our goal is to not only meet your desired capacity requirements but also to create an environment that fosters a clinically excellent patient and team experience.

To achieve this, our team provides support with mapping clinical patient flow, reviewing storage requirements, waste management flow, and staff rest accommodation. We believe that these factors play a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality clinical services.

Our experienced teams are also equipped to manage the daily operational control of the facilities. This includes supporting processes such as gas cylinder changes, water management processes, and tactical escalation to our facilities management team. We can provide facilitators to perform these tasks on behalf of a hospital, ensuring that the facilities run smoothly and efficiently.


Every clinical team member brings their expertise and experience

Our clinical workforce is comprised of a highly experienced senior clinical leadership team and dedicated healthcare practitioners who work directly in our facilities throughout the UK. Our team includes nurses, operating department practitioners, and healthcare support workers who provide exceptional clinical services, supporting anaesthetic, medical, and surgical teams in hospitals.

Our clinical services managers (CSMs) lead all our contracts; they are experienced clinical leaders with current clinical registration (NMC or HCPC). Their extensive knowledge of our mobile and modular Healthcare Spaces ensures the delivery of outstanding clinical services.

We also offer clinician solutions for contracts that require clinical support. Our team of registered and non-registered practitioners is committed to delivering exceptional clinical services while also possessing sound knowledge of working in temporary mobile facilities. They can support local clinicians in developing efficient practices to ensure safety and smooth mobilisation.

We work with you to ensure your Healthcare Space is staffed by a clinical team with expertise and experience you require.

Our clinical team includes:

Theatre practitioners (NMC/HCPC registered) – Theatre nurses and operating department practitioners (ODPs) with experience across numerous specialities selected for the appropriate skill mix desired for each contract. 

Endoscopy practitioners (NMC/HCPC registered) – Appropriately skilled endoscopy nurses and operating department practitioners (ODPs) with experience in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.  

Decontamination practitioners – Healthcare support workers with appropriate skills and experience in endoscopy decontamination who can be deployed as part of a whole endoscopy team solutions. 

Lead practitioners (NMC/HCPC registered) – Experienced senior practitioners (nurse or ODPs) who support the operational running of a facility when a team is deployed. They can also cover the unit facilitation. 

Unit facilitator – Healthcare support worker with extensive knowledge of the facility to provide facility support and escalation for the duration of the contracts inducing clinical set-up. 

Example clinician support solutions


Example option 1: Unit facilitator only.

Example option 2: Five practitioner theatre team across one theatre.

  • Unit lead practitioner 

  • Anaesthetic practitioner

  • Recovery practitioner 

  • 2 x scrub practitioners 


Example option 3: Nine practitioner theatre team across a two-theatre facility.

  • Unit lead practitioner 

  • 2 x anaesthetic practitioner

  • 2 x recovery practitioners

  • 4 x scrub practitioners


Example option 1: One procedure room plus decontamination facility.

  • 1 x lead practitioner 

  • 4 x endoscopy practitioners

  • 1 x decontamination practitioners 


Example option 2: Two procedure rooms, no decontamination required.

  • 1 x lead practitioner 

  • 6 x endoscopy practitioners

Finding a solution that works for your hospital could start here…

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Case studies

South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust

A Vanguard mobile theatre and clinical team are helping to reduce waiting times for orthopaedic surgery, locally and for neighbouring trusts

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St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Providing space to allow the entire patient journey, from arrival to
discharge home – in a way to maximised infection control.

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Vanguard Healthcare Solutions
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