As the NHS backlog reaches new heights of 5.6 million patients, with potential to reach up to 13 million, it is critical that the systems and facilities on the frontline are equipped with the necessary tools to be able to make headway in tackling this crisis.  However, according to a recent YouGov survey, shortcomings in NHS premises are having a detrimental impact on these efforts and patient outcomes.

Interviewing more than 1,000 healthcare professionals across a host of roles, the study illustrated a concerning picture, with 40% of respondents believing that a lack of investment in NHS facilities is restricting their offering and services at a time where the sector tries to overcome the tremendous challenges posed by the pandemic.  The survey goes on to reveal that 34% of those questioned thought that the flaws on these premises were holding back valuable progress in addressing the backlog.

Discussing what it was that was limiting these facilities, respondents widely emphasised issues of capacity, with rooms being too small to adhere to social distancing guidelines amongst a general lack of space.  Other features that were considered to impede the delivery of patient care were a shortage of staff and having dated buildings, unsuitable to manage the exceptional challenges facing the healthcare sector.

Vanguard’s innovative and bespoke solutions focus on creating additional capacity and expanding existing infrastructure, whether that be as a standalone site or integrated within an existing site, overcoming capacity restraints.

A diverse offering, Vanguard’s innovative spaces act as a “one stop shop” to reduce the pressure on surrounding hospitals.  Vanguard uses a combination of a modular docking unit, which can be installed on space-constrained sites, and mobile healthcare facilities, making theatre of endoscopy services available without the need for significant capital investment. Our modular healthcare facilities provide flexible and cost-effective space to increase the site’s capabilities, without sacrificing the quality of care.

By using modern methods of construction rather than traditional brick and mortar, Vanguard ensures that our facilities are delivered rapidly and safely, allowing healthcare professionals to address the backlog with the urgency and efficiency required to solve this crisis.

Beyond this, our offering includes a community care model, helping to integrate care solutions and making elective and diagnostic services more accessible. Due to our expertise, Vanguard is equipped to respond to the needs and concerns voiced by healthcare professionals as part of the YouGov survey.

As the NHS seeks to endeavours from the catastrophic impacts of COVID-19 and with seasonal pressures looming, it is critical that healthcare professionals are equipped with the latest tools to allow them to overcome these challenges and propel the NHS beyond its pre-pandemic success, to reach new heights.

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