The Need

To meet the 18-week waiting list directive, Scottish Health Boards required innovative solutions to drive down waiting times for procedures. Woodend Hospital in Aberdeen and Ninewells Hospital in Dundee were among the hospitals which required solutions to increase treatment capacity and deliver care closer to home.

The Vanguard Plan

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions worked with the management teams at both hospitals to create bespoke plans to meet their requirements. Woodend became the first Scottish hospital to use a Vanguard mobile operating theatre.

The Vanguard Solution

Vanguard installed mobile operating theatres at both hospitals. At Woodend the facility offered valuable short-term assistance with orthopaedic waiting lists whilst contractors completed work on the hospital’s fourth operating theatre.

As many patients in NHS Tayside were reluctant to travel to Glasgow for treatment because of the impact on visiting relatives, the mobile operating theatre commissioned at Ninewells Hospital created additional capacity for orthopaedic patients.

Interior of mobile operating theatre as deployed by Scottish Health Boards

The Outcome

At Woodend, the theatre hosted a total of 150 orthopaedic operations over a six-week period.

Dr Roelf Dijkhuizen, NHS Grampian Medical Director, told us: “Feedback from our surgeons, nurses and patients has been very positive. Patient care in the mobile facility did not differ from that undertaken in our existing theatres. The mobile Healthcare Space attached directly to the hospital, enabling pre and post-operative care in the orthopaedic wards as normal.”

Over 10 weeks at Ninewells Hospital, the team treated 200 patients from the waiting list. Spare slots in theatre time catered for general surgery, ENT and plastic surgery.

Hazel Carroll, Clinical Group Director for Orthopaedics at NHS Tayside, told us: “Bringing in a mobile facility satisfied patients’ desire to be treated close to home whilst also achieving waiting list targets.”