Refurbishment replacement capacity performs excellently at the Royal Victoria in Dublin

The Need

The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin required additional capacity to provide relief cover during refurbishments to its operating theatre and outpatient departments.

The Vanguard Plan

The 90-bed hospital needed to ensure that its yearly 6,000 inpatients and 80,000 outpatients received high-quality service without disruption. Together, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions and the hospital’s team developed a plan to help maintain capacity through the use of a mobile operating theatre.

The Vanguard Solution

The mobile theatre was installed in 48 hours, despite access issues encountered due to the Victorian estate. It continued to provide services for the next 15 weeks, two weeks longer than the initial 13 week contract, due to the success of the project.

The mobile operating suite expanded on arrival to provide an anaesthetic room, operating room and recovery area under one roof.

A clinician prepares to stitch in a mobile operating theatre

The Outcome

Over 15 weeks, the hospital conducted procedures for hundreds of patients who would otherwise have had to wait for treatment. The facility treated ENT, head and neck and ophthalmic patients, such as those suffering from detached retina.

Aida Whyte, former Chief Executive of Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, told us: “It was important that we continued to provide high-quality operating facilities to the surgical team while our own theatres were temporarily out of use. We arranged surgery for some of our patients at other hospitals in the area but we needed cover here.

“It was quite space-age and it arrived with a great deal of quality equipment on board.”