The Need

The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest hospital trusts in the UK. It supports patients from across North and East Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and South Staffordshire. It sees more than 1.2million patients over its four sites every year. The Trust required additional capacity to support increased demand for orthopaedic procedures at Good Hope Hospital. The sites serves a catchment population of 450,000 patients.

The Vanguard Plan

To fulfil the need for additional capacity for orthopaedic procedures, the Vanguard Healthcare Solutions team planned the installation of a laminar flow theatre. This innovative mobile facility is fitted with ultra-clean ventilation and can support invasive procedures, including joint replacement, that are considered too high-risk for less rigorous air handling systems. Hospital staffing resources were also stretched. As a result, the team provided four Vanguard clinical support staff to work alongside the Trust’s own surgeons and anaesthetists. These staff members are general nurses and operating department practitioners with a minimum of three years’ experience in theatre. They also provided guidance on best practice within the facility for the hospital’s staff to ensure swift integration of the mobile into the hospital workflow.

The Vanguard Solution

Vanguard installed the fully-equipped facility onto site swiftly and with minimum disruption. When delivery of improved access to services commenced shortly afterwards, supported by the Vanguard clinical team, it significantly increased patient flow immediately.

Patient receiving treatment in mobile theatre

The Outcome

In the first year the facility was on site, it provided a high-quality clinical environment that facilitated 1,600 orthopaedic procedures. As well as increasing patient throughput, this helped to minimise the risk of backlogs forming in patient waiting lists and provided local access to services. Consequently, patients did not have to travel longer distances to alternative sites receive prompt treatment.