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New partnership for Vanguard with 18 Week Support

6 April, 2018
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Both companies are pleased to announce the start of a new, full-service partnership between Vanguard Healthcare Solutions and 18 Week Support.

Vanguard embraces new partnership with 18 Week Support

We are delighted to announce the start of a new partnership between Vanguard Healthcare Solutions and 18 Week Support.

The Referral to Treatment Time Solution enables hospitals to easily and cost-effectively increase their elective procedure capacity, without adversely impacting existing staff or facilities. This unique collaboration is an end-to-end service providing hospitals with relief from capacity pressures, consequently reducing delays for patients and improving outcomes.

With waiting lists predicted to reach 5 million by 2021, hospitals are facing an unprecedented level of demand for services. The RTT Solution enables hospitals to manage these waiting list pressures and retain control of the patient pathway – NHS patients, treated on NHS premises.

Jointly, we can quickly and easily provide NHS Trusts with additional clinical staff and facilities which are fully compliant with all NHS standards and are custom-designed to meet each hospital’s specific requirements.

This partnership focuses on enhancing patient outcomes through increased RTT achievement, improving patient access and reducing waiting list numbers.

The benefits

  • A single point of contact
  • Excellent patient satisfaction levels
  • High utilisation and value for money
  • No additional workload for hospital staff
  • Comprehensive KPIs agreed, enabling easy oversight
  • Led by established NHS Consultants
  • Located within the boundaries of the NHS estate
  • Integrates with the hospital's IT system
  • Serviced by the hospital's own CSSD and pharmacy
  • Allows proximity to emergency care
  • Provides compliant operating theatre environment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Booking or administrative support available if required
  • Rapid response rate

Learn more about the work 18 Week Support are doing to support the NHS here.

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