Our fleet

Vanguard’s fleet of >50 mobile healthcare facilities can offer clinical capacity across a range of general and specialist services

Laminar flow operating theatre

Laminar flow ventilation that conforms to grade A EUGMP, able to host highly-invasive procedures including joint replacements

Standard operating theatre

Ventilated to Grade C EUGMP standard, providing capacity for a range of procedure types

Visiting hospital

Operating theatre and ward, the visiting hospital hosts a complete patient pathway within a mobile environment

Day surgery

Capacity to host a complete patient pathway through an independent facility

Endoscopy suite

Suitable for a range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures; they incorporate both treatment areas and decontamination facilities

Endoscope decontamination unit

Providing replacement capacity for flexible endoscope reprocessing

Outpatient clinic

Provide increased capacity for patients to access services either on your hospital site or in the local community

Hospital ward

Increase the bed space available at your hospital to support refurbishment or to meet winter pressures