Project design

Early engagement

As part of our complete solution offering, we provide a detailed project scoping service to include:

  • Understanding required specialities/procedures and demographics
  • Gaining a detailed understanding of your clinical workflows
  • Detailed site survey, including site infrastructure
  • Understanding compliance requirements
  • Producing a detailed project proposal
  • Clinical adjacency

We adapt our facilities to meet the needs of the hospital’s clinical team and we have experience in consulting on service reconfiguration to optimise the utilisation and activity levels of the mobile units.

Consultation team

A Senior Account Manager, Clinical Contracts Manager and a technical expert are on hand throughout the development process to answer your questions.

  • Our account manager focuses on understanding your business needs and the challenges the hospital is facing. They will support you with business case preparation, procurement routes, and project planning.
  • Our clinical manager offers their experience as a clinician to advise on patient flow and to assess the impact the project will have on patients and local residents.
  • Our technical expert assesses the site and infrastructure provision, working with you to find a suitable location and determining any enabling works required.

Site requirements and enabling works

Through close work with your estates team, our mobile healthcare facilities can be installed on site with minimal disruption. In advance of the unit delivery, considerations must be made for the following site requirements:


A relatively flat concrete pad/car park/area of hard standing (size dependent on unit, view our fleet section for appropriate unit dimension and area sizes required).

Enabling works

Interfaces can be built between the unit and the existing site. We have vast experience delivering:

  • The design and construction of link corridors, steps and ramps
  • Generator solutions
  • Craning facility
  • Turnkey projects

Electrical supply

Each operating room incorporates full standby emergency power backup. If we connect to your site utilities, we require 125 Amp 3-phase power (63 Amp for mobile wards). We can provide advice on generator provision if electrical supply on site is difficult.

Water supply

We require a water supply at 3 bar from a brass, screw tap connection, 15 mm pipe.


A minimum of one standard connection.


Access into foul water drain – we will connect to this with a flexible pipe.

For full details on each unit’s specifications click here

Integral systems

Gas bank

An integrated medical gas bank incorporating O2, N2O, and medical air with scavenging and dual line vacuum.


Each unit is fitted with fire, smoke, gas, nurse call & security alarms which can be standalone or integrated into the hospital systems.


In most cases, RJ45 data connection is available.