Prior to contract implementation, we organise an operational delivery meeting (ODM) with all stakeholders from your hospital. Your clinical team are key to this meeting and to the subsequent commissioning programme, outlined below. This meeting is crucial to the success of any deployment. Our ODMs are run to a formal and detailed agenda agreeing responsibilities including:

  • Clinical practice
  • Induction and training
  • Governance
  • Air sampling and water testing protocols
  • Fire procedures
  • Facility management
  • Delivery method and time
An operational delivery meeting is in progress

Vanguard manage the transportation and installation process to an agreed timescale to ameliorate any impact on staff and patients. The installation process for a mobile unit takes approximately three to four hours. Once installed, the commissioning process will take place to ensure the facility is fully prepared to go live.

The meeting gave assurance that the project is progressing well and both the agenda and chairing were of a high professional standard
Deputy Associate Director of Operations Surgery & Critical Care

Vanguard client portal

The Vanguard portal is a web-based system that allows clinicians, estates teams and hospital management teams to quickly review key documentation when planning a project with Vanguard, and throughout the duration of the contract. It features:

  • Unit drawings and dimensions
  • Installation instructions
  • Commissioning procedures
  • Out of hours and on-call details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Public relations planning