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Did you know Vanguard provides modular facilities for Community Healthcare, as well as Acute?

8 August, 2023
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How are modular facilities evolving, and crucially, why Vanguard?

Modular facilities in healthcare have long been regarded as temporary, quick-fix solutions to address pressing issues. However, these prefabricated structures have evolved significantly over the past decade, offering more than just a short-term fix. They now present a range of possibilities, from piloting innovative medical practices and technologies to providing community-based diagnostics and care outside of acute hospital settings. installation of modular bay The evolution of modular healthcare facilities Historically, modular construction techniques and volumetric buildings have been utilised in the healthcare sector. Offsite manufacturers have been supplying healthcare buildings for years, albeit often seen as simple 'boxes' or 'shells,' serving temporary needs without much emphasis on aesthetics or sophistication. However, over the past decade, the concept of modular facilities has advanced considerably. Now, a wide range of solutions can be achieved, ranging from clinical areas to fully equipped operating theatres, intricately designed to integrate seamlessly with existing hospital infrastructure. Beyond temporary solutions Modular healthcare facilities can play a significant role in piloting new surgical delivery methods, care models, and cutting-edge technologies. The advantage lies in the ability to experiment and innovate without disrupting existing healthcare routines. These facilities act as testing grounds for new ideas, mitigating risks before full-scale implementation. Moreover, they can facilitate community-based diagnostics and care, bringing medical services closer to patients and reducing the burden on traditional acute hospital settings. Incorporation of Community Diagnostic Hubs Modular facilities have the potential to become the foundation of planned Community Diagnostic Hubs, designed to deliver healthcare services directly to local communities. These hubs can act as a central point for diagnostics, preventive care, and early intervention, easing the strain on larger healthcare institutions and optimising resource utilisation. By integrating modular facilities into such hubs, healthcare providers can ensure timely and efficient care delivery to a broader population. Permanent integration and seamless expansion Contrary to common misconceptions, modular solutions need not be solely temporary in nature. With advancements in construction techniques, it is now possible to create permanent extensions to existing hospitals using modular concepts. The modular structure can blend harmoniously with the original building design, providing additional space while maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the facility. This integration ensures continuity of care and enhances the overall healthcare infrastructure. Benefits of mobilising flexible infrastructure The adoption of modular facilities offers numerous advantages to healthcare institutions. Firstly, it allows hospitals to maintain control over the patient pathway, ensuring a seamless and efficient flow of care. Secondly, operational downtime during construction or refurbishment is significantly reduced, minimising disruptions to medical services. Additionally, the expedited implementation of modular solutions translates into cost savings compared to traditional construction methods, which often entail extended timelines and higher expenses. Why Vanguard Healthcare Solutions? Made by practitioners, for practitioners Since 2000, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions has supported more than 100 UK hospitals and is part of the NHS Supply Chain framework. We offer various clinical facilities, including mobile operating theatres for different procedures. Our strong clinical expertise sets us apart from other providers. Our modular facilities are purpose built – made by practitioners for practitioners. Over the years, we have expanded our services to include laminar flow operating theatres, endoscopy suites, and mobile endoscope decontamination units. In addition to equipment supply, we also provide peripheral and su modular ward external pport services, offering turnkey solutions. Vanguard emphasises partnership with hospitals, aiming to provide holistic solutions tailored to each client's unique context. Our "Total Partnership" approach focuses on three key areas: clinical expertise, engineering innovation and compliance, and service excellence. And, we have a track record of increasing hospital capacity, as we did here with Blackpool Victoria Hospital, with the introduction of a bespoke 24 bed modular ward facility.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] to book an appointment to discuss how Vanguard’s modular solutions can help you.

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