The Need

The Department of Health’s (DoH) objective to drive down waiting times for cataract procedures required a solution which would allow people to receive treatment closer to home and more quickly. Netcare UK was one of the providers aiming to assist the DoH in delivering this objective.

The Vanguard Plan

To meet this challenge, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions worked closely with Netcare UK. They developed a plan where two fleets of mobile clinical facilities would provide flexible and cost-effective solutions to treat cataract patients across the UK with the aim of delivering care as locally as possible for people.

The Vanguard Solution

They used dozens of sites  as regular venues to host the temporary facilities. At each location, the Vanguard mobile Ophthalmic Outpatient Unit provided a facility for a complete patient assessment. Following the assessment, a mobile theatre and ward were installed to provide an operating facility designated as an NHS Treatment Centre.

Mobile healthcare facilities planning meeting

The Outcome

More than 10,000 patients were treated within an 11-month period. This was at a rate of almost eight times more quickly than traditional NHS services. These mobile centres played an important role in speeding up access to treatment for people. Netcare UK, using the Vanguard mobile facilities, visited more than 30 sites on a regular basis. Waits for these procedures reduced to no more than three months. DoH statistics showed that Trusts using the Netcare UK service usually had a waiting time of no more than six weeks. In total, the Vanguard facilities treated more than 40,000 patients.

Cinty Yarnell, Regional Operations Manager for Netcare UK, told us: “While this has been a very flexible working relationship between Netcare and Vanguard, logistically it is very difficult because of the size of the Healthcare Spaces, weather conditions at times and the frequency of the moves and distance between locations. Vanguard’s transport and engineering back up team has, however, provided an excellent service. We all have the same goal of providing a service to patients. Communication is paramount and has been key to the success of the partnership.”