The Need

As Scotland’s largest provider of cataract procedures, carrying out between 15-18 per cent of all cataract operations for the NHS in Scotland, the Golden Jubilee National Hospital needed to increase capacity to carry out more of the operations and reduce waiting times.


However, the Hospital’s two theatres were operating at full capacity and a solution was needed to provide the space and equipment to increase the number of cataract procedures offered while additional permanent space is constructed.


The Vanguard Plan

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions, working closely with NHS Golden Jubilee staff, initially provided a mobile solution along with specialist equipment to offer the additional clinical and theatre space needed to deliver the increased capacity required.


After re-designing the patient pathway at the Golden Jubilee, more space was required to carry out seven procedures per session.


The Vanguard Solution

The Vanguard solution was to provide a combined mobile theatre and clinic which would provide a range of dedicated spaces and could operate as a highly efficient outpatient facility.


With a dedicated reception, admission suite, anaesthetic room, kitchen, staff changing room, toilet facilities, utility and recovery areas, the mobile cataract surgery environment is a self-contained solution.


This solution allows for an additional six sessions a week to be held, supplementing the 19 sessions carried out in the hospital’s permanent infrastructure.


The Outcome

When NHS Golden Jubilee began providing cataract procedures in 2013 they were completing around 1,000 cases a year. The hospital now completes more than 8,500 – 25 per cent of which are completed in the Vanguard facility.


The mobile theatre and clinic operates four days a week and with two sessions per day, sees an average of 14 patients.


Patrick Kearns, Clinical Lead for Ophthalmology at NHS Golden Jubilee, said: “The mobile theatre and clinic are a great solution for us and our surgeons and staff enjoy working there. We can complete all the most complex cases there that can be carried out in the permanent theatres.


“We’ve been delighted with how well this mobile solution has worked as an interim measure while our new Eye Centre is being built. We have been able to see more people, in a well-equipped and high-quality environment which patients and staff alike have been positive about.”