Medical equipment

As part of our comprehensive solutions offering, we supply additional medical equipment. You can opt for this service alongside our versatile facilities to achieve higher throughput.

We offer a complete equipment list for each of our facility types. Our mobile operating theatres, endoscopy suites and endoscope decontamination units have extensive fixtures and fittings included as standard. Our hospital ward and outpatient clinic facilities provide sufficient fixtures and fittings as standard to allow hospitals maximum functionality in the internal space.

Our range of equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Operating tables
  • Diathermy machines
  • Endoscopes
  • Surgeons’ stools
  • Instrument trolleys
  • Anaesthetic machines
  • Fully-stocked resuscitation trolleys
  • Patient trolleys
  • PAT slides
  • Stack systems
  • Monitors
  • Microscopes

Maintenance and servicing

Vanguard will take care of the servicing and maintenance of the equipment it provides. On our staffed units, the equipment is checked daily to ensure it is maintained in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions. We also conduct regular equipment audits and undertake servicing at appropriate intervals to ensure equipment is kept up to standard. We report audit results to your hospital and to our clinical teams, and any necessary actions are implemented as quickly as possible.

Vanguard’s specialist engineers are on-call 24 hours a day to provide prompt resolution to any technical difficulties with the facilities. All our clinical staff are also trained to provide first-line troubleshooting support. For unstaffed units, we provide a fast fault escalation process.

Endoscope loan equipment and additional decontamination

It can sometimes be necessary to supplement existing endoscopy services with additional loan endoscopes. This often occurs when our flexible infrastructure enables an additional case load to be added to a service. We offer a range of makes and models of both flexible and rigid endoscopes. Vanguard can also offer additional decontamination facilities on your own site with our growing range of mobile decontamination facilities, capable of processing up to 120 scopes a day, or off-site with our specialist partners.

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