Commissioning programme

Our typical commissioning period is two weeks. This can be expedited in exceptional circumstances and subject to your local risk management protocols.

The focus of the first week is on testing and ratifying the facility and all its services. The second week focuses on clinical practices. A Clinical Contracts Manager will be assigned to the facility for the duration of the contract and will be present for the commissioning period to assist with preparations and answer any questions.

Activities during the commissioning period include:

Week 1

Week 2

Water testing including legionella, pseudomonas, and coliforms Induction of staff who will be working on the unit
Air validation and microbial air sampling Patient journey review
All unit systems checked Instrument and consumables check
Deep clean
Final review with fire officer, infection prevention lead, pharmacist, and resuscitation officer
Unit troubleshooting training


Estates workers checking the Endoscope Decontamination Unit technical room

Contract go-live and management

Our Clinical Contracts Manager, who will be instrumental in co-ordinating the initial stages of the contract, will be on-site for the start of procedures. They are available thereafter for ongoing support.

When our units are staffed by a Vanguard team, the team leader performs the daily checks. For unstaffed units, Vanguard staff provide appropriate training during the commissioning period. The Clinical Contracts Manager conducts a monthly audit to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

A Clinical Contracts Manager is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for emergency support. Formal contract meetings are held at agreed intervals to cover the duration of the contract.

Dirty endoscope loaded in Automated Endoscope Reprocessor


Efficient, friendly service. Support services good Theatre Manager

Vanguard client portal

The Vanguard portal is a web-based system that allows clinicians, estates teams and hospital management teams to quickly review key documentation when planning a project with Vanguard, and throughout the duration of the contract. It features:

  • Unit drawings and dimensions
  • Installation instructions
  • Commissioning procedures
  • Out of hours and on-call details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Public relations planning

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