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The Vanguard Modular Build Experience

30 June 2023
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Attend the launch of our Configurable Operating Theatre Test Facility, walk the production lines, engage with designers, engineers and clinicians.

Q-bital Healthcare Solutions | Frieslandhaven 9 | 3433 PC Nieuwegein | The Netherlands
30 June 2023 | 9am - 5pm

(Vanguard Healthcare Solutions is known as Q-bital Healthcare Solutions, outside of Great Britain)

We are inviting healthcare organisations to visit our factory and gain a full understanding of how we are able to build, within months, high quality, fully compliant, healthcare infrastructure.

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Walk the production line

We will demonstrate our commitment to the healthcare sector, and how this 100% focus makes us uniquely able to meet the needs of healthcare organisations. You’ll see the features which give our modules clear advantages, and speak with the craftsmen whose production techniques ensure the highest build quality.

Engage with Vanguard designers, engineers, clinicians

Talk with our designers, engineers, clinicians and customer facing team about how they ensure that the facilities we build are the best places in which to be treated and great places in which to work, as well as being compliant with all regulations, equipped with the latest and most suitable medical equipment, and delivered at pace and within budget.

Attend the launch of our new operating theatre test facility

Our commitment to providing the best buildings for healthcare, meeting the needs of patients, clinicians, estates managers and budget holders is illustrated well by our investment in a new test facility, which opens on 30 June.

This immersive environment offers a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to gain hands-on experience in a fully functional operating theatre suite, complete with advanced ventilation systems, customizable layouts, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Explore and evaluate the layout and equipment of your new operating theatre, before the design is finalised

Step into a realistic operating theatre, designed to provide an authentic experience for understanding the nuances of various configurations, equipment setups, and procedural workflows.

Simulate and test various surgical procedures in a controlled environment to understand the impact of layout, equipment location, and ventilation systems on outcomes and efficiency.

  • The facility’s customisable layout enables you to experiment with different spacial configurations, allowing you to tailor the operating theater layout to your specific requirements or spacial limitations and discover the optimal setup for your team.
  • Trial the location and integration of essential equipment, including surgical lights, medical gas systems, anesthesia machines, and more, to enhance workflow efficiency and patient care.
  • Evaluate the performance of leading ventilation systems such as TcAF, UCV, and LAF within the context of a fully functional operating theatre suite, to ensure the best possible environment for your patients and staff.
  • Participate in comprehensive training programs covering all aspects of operating theatre suite management, from equipment operation and maintenance to ventilation systems and spacial configurations.
  • Connect with fellow healthcare professionals to share experiences, insights, and best practices in operating theatre suite design and management.

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During the production of our modules, the building of healthcare facilities and the equipping of operating theatres and other healthcare spaces, we partner with other experts to ensure that the facility is delivered exactly in line with the healthcare provider’s requirements. A number of our partners will be present on the experience day, to speak about the equipment they provide and how we work together to facilitate the smooth delivery of the perfect modular build.

These include:


Medical Lab System







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