Working together

Vanguard has been working in partnership with Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to supplement the hospital’s physical capacity. A mobile laminar flow theatre and a mobile ward connected to the hospital building via a purpose-built corridor. This enabled the Trust to maintain efficient patient flow during a period of peak demand for day surgery procedures. These types of procedures – in which patients are admitted, treated and discharged in the same day – are becomingly increasingly prevalent and are ideally suited for a mobile facility. Patients can experience a complete treatment pathway through one self-contained unit. This offers a safe and effective route to treatment without increasing patient throughput in the permanent hospital.

Surgeons perform day surgery in mobile operating theatre

250,000 procedures

This project also saw a significant milestone achieved for Vanguard. A procedure took place in the mobile facility that marked 250,000 procedures in Vanguard mobile units globally. Our fleet can facilitate over 90% of all clinical procedure types performed in a major acute hospital. This includes hip replacements, cataracts removals and endoscopy procedures. These are among the procedure types that have experienced recent rising demand. As a result of this increasing need, many hospitals are struggling to find sufficient capacity to conduct greater numbers of these procedures.

You can now read more about this project, including information about the cost efficiencies that are available to NHS hospitals by utilising mobile facilities appropriately. You can learn more about the success of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in our case study.