Mobile theatre for Tewkesbury

With a temporary closure impending, Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust has called in a mobile theatre to provide interim capacity. Repair work to the flooring on the first floor of Tewkesbury Community Hospital commenced in early July. Service users requiring inpatient care are receiving treatment in an alternative setting at Cirencester Hospital. The operating theatre suite, which is also located on the first floor, will close for a short period to enable the work to progress as quickly as possible. To minimise the impact on patients, the Trust has engaged a Vanguard mobile operating theatre unit at Tewkesbury Community Hospital. This will ensure consistent, local access to day surgery procedures during the time that the theatre suite is unavailable.

Consultant conducts surgery in mobile theatre unit

The unit, supplied by Vanguard Healthcare, is a combination of a mobile theatre and six-bed mobile surgical ward. It can function as a standalone facility. Vanguard has significant experience providing additional capacity to healthcare facilities during periods of refurbishment to assist with maintaining patient flow and delivering the highest standards of patient care. Over 250 thousand procedures have taken place in Vanguard units across the UK to date.

Julie Ellery, Matron of the Hospital, said: “Our priority is to ensure we are delivering safe and effective care whilst the repair work is completed at Tewkesbury Community Hospital. The Vanguard unit provides a high standard, clinical environment.

Service users who are due to have minor surgery will be able to continue to access Tewkesbury Community Hospital services. The unit also offers post-operation recovery space for six patients. Seddon Construction Limited is confident that we can meet our original three month programme of work deadline, and we anticipate the ward and theatre will fully reopen by mid-October.”