Benefits of mobile healthcare facilities

  • Access to a premium healthcare environment
  • Rapid deployment to manage sudden increases in demand without increasing capital expenditure
  • Ensure patient needs can be met quickly and easily
  • Continuity of patient journey at a familiar location with familiar clinicians
  • Patient remains in existing clinical pathway and follows local protocols
  • Clinical adjacency to emergency and critical care facilities
  • Located within the boundaries of the hospital estate
  • Integrates with hospital IT system
  • Can integrate with hospital fire and emergency call procedures
  • Flexible working hours
  • Utilisation of existing staff*
  • Fully-managed service reduces pressures on staffing levels*
  • Serviced by on-site pharmacy and CSSD*

Return on investment (ROI)

Return on investment for each individual case will vary depending on application. Some examples from successful deployments include:

  • Increasing revenues for undertaking additional procedures
  • Testing the case for new service developments
  • Avoiding lost revenue during facility downtime
  • Avoiding contract breach penalties and other performance measures
  • Reduce travel time for clinicians between sites
  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Avoiding disruption to staff work patterns
  • Eliminating service down time
  • Overcoming catastrophic failure
  • Reducing project timescales

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

When embarking on a new project it is important to have a set of measurable to validate performance. Vanguard will work closely with the host hospital to analyse:

  • Procedure numbers
  • Throughput case mix
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Incidents
  • Infection rates
  • Clinical staff satisfaction
  • Facility audit and testing records

Flexibility is key

The needs of our clients are key. A Senior Account Manager will be available at every step of the process to discuss your unique requirements; projects can take a variety of forms and we are used to accommodating variations depending on the direction each project takes.

We provide unique solutions to your unique circumstances

Contracting mechanics and procurement routes

A variety of contracting options are available, and we can work to your capital or operational expenditure priorities; our team is available to discuss a mechanism most suitable to you.

Vanguard solutions are available direct through our Senior Account Managers. The company’s solutions are also available on a number of frameworks for simplicity and convenience, including through NHS Supply Chain.

Over 5 years working with Vanguard and no significant problems, and any minor problems have been rectified promptly Theatre Manager

Vanguard client portal

The Vanguard portal is a web-based system that allows clinicians, estates teams and hospital management teams to quickly review key documentation when planning a project with Vanguard, and throughout the duration of the contract. It features:

  • Unit drawings and dimensions
  • Installation instructions
  • Commissioning procedures
  • Out of hours and on-call details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Public relations planning