As part of its contingency plan, a hospital currently utilising a Vanguard theatre on-site has developed a new rapid-response pathway. This follows the positive impact of the current theatre on its service provision. The hospital has now prepared a location for further units as part of their emergency response protocol.

Members of the Vanguard team have attended the hospital site and met with the hospital’s teams. Together they have run through the complete planning process for deploying an additional 1 or 2 mobile theatres. Vanguard will site these alongside the current unit, should the need arise. As part of this comprehensive plan, the operations team have performed a site survey, completed an operational delivery meeting and also developed a project plan for integration of new theatres into the workflow.

Interior of mobile operating theatre with laminar flow for refurbishment, capacity or contingency

As a result, Vanguard can rapidly respond to alleviate the pressure of any closures of the hospital’s permanent theatres. This approach minimises disruption to patients and also provides crucial additional capacity. Ensuring the hospital is able to maintain efficient patient flow and prevent delays in surgical treatment is a top priority. Vanguard are delighted to form a part of this initiative.