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Medical Technology Company Awarded Place on National Framework

17 Απρίλιος, 2019
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Vanguard Healthcare Solutions is pleased to announce it has been awarded a place on a national framework to provide clinical managed services.

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions is pleased to announce it has been awarded a place on a national framework to provide clinical managed services.

The company, one of the UK’s leading medical technology companies, has been  awarded onto NHS SBS’ (NHS Shared Business Services) Clinical Managed Services  Agreement. The Framework Agreement makes provision for a wide range of Clinical Managed Services,  Managed  Maintenance Services and Consultancy Services to support Managed Service Provision (Lot 1). The framework covers a period of four years from 1 January 2019-31 December 2023 with the provision to extend for a further 12 months.

Vanguard has partnered with the NHS and healthcare providers in the UK and Europe for almost 20 years.

It provides highly trained support staff and high quality temporary clinical environments such as operating theatres, endoscopy suites, endoscope decontamination units, day surgery, clinics, and ward space. These units are fully equipped and maintained. The solutions are designed to help the NHS increase clinical and patient capacity. This can assist with reducing procedure waiting times and reducing pressure on front line NHS services.

Οι κινητές κλινικές μονάδες Vanguard μπορούν να αυξήσουν την κλινική ικανότητα τόσο σε προγραμματισμένες όσο και σε καταστάσεις έκτακτης ανάγκης.

Commercial Director at Vanguard, Λίντσεϊ Ντράνσφιλντ, said: “We are delighted to announce that our application to be placed on the national framework to provide clinical managed services across the UK has been successful.

“Our services provide additional solutions for Trusts across the country when they are seeking options for managing capacity – either to increase capacity to address waiting lists or to ensure services continue smoothly during a period of refurbishment,

“Trusts engaging with this framework will have the option of using solutions such as ours to help them solve the problems they may encounter around maintaining or improving capacity, or indeed, should there be an emergency need for clinical space due to an unforeseen event.

“We currently work with dozens of Trusts across the country and look forward to working with them, and others, to build solutions which ultimately help provide the very best services for patients.”

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