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Vanguard Healthcare Solutions acquires Netherlands-based Young Medical

31 Ιανουάριος, 2020
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Vanguard Healthcare Solutions, a market leader in delivering mobile healthcare facilities is pleased to announce the acquisition of Netherlands-based Young Medical, specialists in the design and delivery of modular healthcare facilities.

Λύσεις Vanguard Healthcare has over two decades of experience in providing additional clinical capacity to replace or supplement existing healthcare facilities. The company can provide a variety of sophisticated mobile solutions ranging from operating rooms to sterilisation facilities. Its solutions can be deployed to maintain healthcare services during refurbishment, service reconfiguration, emergency situations such as natural disasters, or to alleviate long waiting lists.

Young Medical, based in Amersfoort in the Netherlands, are experienced in providing modular medical facility solutions, both temporary and permanent, that create a modern and safe environment for patients.

“Young Medical’s offering provides a logical extension to Vanguard’s capabilities. As our customers’ requirements increase in scale and complexity, we are increasingly providing mixed modality solutions.  This acquisition means that we can now offer a truly holistic approach to the healthcare facilities market providing the flexibility to quickly deliver turnkey, customised solutions that can easily be adapted to meet changing demands in functionality or capacity” explained David Cole, CEO of Vanguard Healthcare Solutions.  “The acquisition also gives us an important footprint and sales channel within mainland Europe post-Brexit”, he added.

“We have 20 years’ experience and expertise in meeting the needs of clinicians, hospital leaders, and facilities professionals” added Steve Peak, Director of Development and Delivery at Vanguard Healthcare Solutions. “With the addition of Young Medical’s capabilities, we can now offer extended flexibility, while Young Medical can benefit from our established history in delivering tailored solutions to the NHS.”

“At Young Medical, we see this acquisition as an important step in the development of our concept, and the development of our business to access the UK market with a partner who has gained the trust of the NHS in deploying mobile solutions. Vanguard are also well established in markets outside of Europe giving us a more global presence” commented Rob van Liefland, Managing Director of Young Medical.

“Our modular approach to healthcare facilities will allow Vanguard to offer more customisation and complex solutions moving forward. With a minimum of disruption, modular buildings can easily be converted, updated or repurposed as needs change. This is particularly important in view of current imperative within the construction industry to reduce carbon emissions globally” added Arjan de Rijke, Operations Director at Young Medical.

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Λύσεις Vanguard Healthcare
Unit 1144 Regent Court, The Square, Gloucester Business Park, Gloucester, GL3 4AD

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