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Extension to Vanguard mobile theatre unit deployment in Dudley

16 Αύγουστος, 2019
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Following the success of an initial contract, Vanguard is set to continue to help an NHS hospital trust deliver orthopaedic procedures during a refurbishment project.

Following the success of an initial contract, one of the UK’s leading medical technology companies is set to continue to help an NHS hospital trust deliver orthopaedic procedures during a refurbishment project.

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions initially began working with the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust in March this year and was initially due to have one of its mobile laminar theatres on site at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley for six months while the Trust refurbished its current orthopaedic theatre facilities.

The Trust covers a population of 450,000 people. All orthopaedic surgery such as hip and knee replacements, which would normally be performed in the hospital theatre undergoing renovation, was moved to the mobile theatre.

The current contract will end in September, but such has been the success of the project, the unit will return in November 2019 and will stay on site until May 2020 to allow for additional refurbishment work to continue at the Trust.

Designed and built by Vanguard, the mobile theatre provides an anaesthetic room, operating theatre, two bed first-stage recovery area, staff changing room and utility areas. A specially-constructed corridor and ramps join the main body of the hospital to the unit and ensure a seamless journey for the patient.

Οι εγκαταστάσεις θεάτρου στρωτής ροής Vanguard προσφέρουν περιβαλλοντικό αέρα φιλτραρισμένο με HEPA που συμμορφώνεται με το EUGMP Βαθμού A, με έως και 600 αλλαγές αέρα ανά ώρα που περνούν πάνω από τον ασθενή και 25 αλλαγές φρέσκου αέρα.

Simon Squirrell, Vanguard Regional Manager UK North, explained: “We are pleased to be continuing to work alongside Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust on this ongoing project.

“We’re delighted the unit has helped the Trust during its initial period of refurbishment of its orthopaedic facilities and that the mobile theatre returning to the site later in 2019 and into 2020 will continue to help ensure patients receive the best possible experience and shortest possible wait for their procedure.

“Our laminar flow theatres provide everything that is required in a high-quality clinical environment including HEPA-filtered environmental air. This means that any procedures which would normally have been carried out in a permanent theatre can be undertaken in the mobile operating room.”

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