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Launching innovative modular Community Diagnostic Hubs

7 kesäkuu, 2021
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At the end of 2020 NHE England announced the planned roll out of Community Diagnostic Hubs (CDHs), find out what Vanguard can offer

The announcement by NHS England at the end of 2020 on the planned roll out of Community Diagnostic Hubs (CDHs), following the recommendations of Sir Mike Richards in his report, ‘Diagnostics: Recovery and Renewal – Report of the Independent Review of Diagnostic Services for NHS England’, has presented a significant opportunity for the healthcare system to transform and bolster its diagnostic capacity and services.

Yhteisön diagnostiikkakeskukset, also known as ‘one stop shops’, will be diagnostic facilities located away from acute hospital settings to support diagnostic capacity, both in testing and treatment services. The innovative hubs are intended to relieve pressure on acute settings: providing Covid secure facilities for vulnerable patients to access healthcare services, equipping the NHS with the tools to tackle the backlog of elective care and enabling individuals to have faster and more efficient access to healthcare services.

Vanguard’s bespoke modular cores and spokes offer the perfect solution for the successful delivery of CDHs. As experts in the delivery of mobile and modular healthcare, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions has the expertise and capability to support the planned roll out of CDHs across England, and we are committed to leading the way in delivering innovative community care by utilising this vast experience and working collaboratively with the NHS and other associated partners to realise the potential of CDHs in bolstering the healthcare sector.

Our modular and mobile facilities will provide the vital and necessary flexibility for these hubs to respond to changing demands in communities. The ability to respond to the changing needs of the community is a critical factor in the roll out of CDHs – enabling us to tackle crises and outbreaks like COVID-19 far more quickly and effectively for the benefit of the wider community. The ability to adapt these facilities with minimal work also boosts the longevity of the hubs, enabling them to become a permanent feature of our healthcare response, not just a response to COVID-19.

The use of modular and mobile units in the roll out of CDHs yields many benefits, such as speed of delivery. Modular and mobile facilities will allow us to increase the scale and rate at which we can deliver CDHs, with Modern Methods of Construction delivering units up to 30 to 50 per cent faster than traditional brick and mortar facilities. This delivery time difference will allow us to roll out CDHs across England in a matter of months, rather than up to several years as would be the case with traditional construction.

Alongside healthcare partners, including the NHS and NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Devolved Administrations and others, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions is seeking to work collaboratively to support the delivery of CDHs across regions and Integrated Care Systems in England that are tailored to each areas unique and specific needs. Working alongside partners, Vanguard will be able to design, deliver and also scale facilities to address continually changing needs of communities, providing our unequivocal support to the NHS as we approach this period of healthcare reform.

Our transformative approach to modular and mobile healthcare will enable the healthcare sector to put in place the critical infrastructure needed to help drive prevention and early detection in diagnostic services, as well as support the NHS in tackling the elective care crisis.

Klikkaus tässä to view a video about Vanguard Community Diagnostic Hubs.


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