A mobile facility provides local access to services at Holme Valley Memorial Hospital

The Need

The Kirklees Primary Care Trust needed to cut waiting times for certain day case patients. In particular, they wanted to deliver improved access to patients who required dermatology, plastic surgery and podiatric surgery treatments at Holme Valley Memorial Hospital .

The Vanguard Plan

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions worked with the hospital to create a plan which would meet their needs. Together with staff from the host site, they developed a strategy to install a mobile theatre in the hospital’s grounds.

The Vanguard Solution

Vanguard deployed a mobile theatre with a large clinical area made up of an anaesthetic room, operating theatre and two-bay first-stage recovery area. Their logistics team oversaw a swift and successful installation that created little disruption for patients and staff. The company also supplied theatre nurses and operating department practitioners as part of the contract. They assisted the NHS surgeons who delivered the procedures within the facility.

Clinicians deliver patient care in mobile healthcare facility

The Outcome

During the mobile unit’s deployment, waiting times for these procedures significantly decreased.

Chief Executive, Mike Potts, told us: “It was of great benefit to patients in reducing their wait for these treatments. In accordance with the NHS Plan, this is one of the ways in which the PCT is looking to provide services that were previously only available in an acute setting closer to home.”