The challenge you face

On occasions the challenge to upscale services is out of reach due to both the availability of physical infrastructure but also the human resources including; medics, clinical teams, booking clerks, and admissions coordinators.

The Vanguard offering

With its partners, Vanguard offers a complete service delivery that can help to easily and cost-effectively increase hospitals’ elective procedure capacity without impacting current facilities or staff.

With NHS waiting lists predicted to reach 5 million by 2021, hospitals are facing an unprecedented level of demand for service. This full-service solution enables hospitals to manage these waiting list pressures and retain control of the patient pathway. This service can quickly and easily provide hospitals with additional clinical staff and facilities that are safe, reliable and effective.

While Vanguard and its partner organisations provide their services separately, together they enable hospitals to rapidly improve patient access to services and reduce waiting list numbers through an end-to-end solution.

Clinical staff ready to greet patients

The outcomes you will see

  • No additional workload for hospital staff
  • Comprehensive KPIs agreed to give full transparency
  • Service delivery led by established NHS consultants
  • A facility located within the boundaries of the hospital estate
  • Integration with the hospital’s IT systems
  • A facility serviced and supplied by the hospital’s own CSSD and pharmacy
  • Ability to locate in close proximity to the hospital’s emergency department
  • A compliant operating room and clinical environment
  • Flexible working hours to suit the hospital’s needs
  • Booking or administrative support available, if required
  • The ability to mobilise rapidly to respond to situations as they arise
  • Excellent patient satisfaction levels
  • High utilisation rates, giving value for money