One of our Q-bital mobile facilities travelled across the Channel to Darmstadt in Germany, where it will be supporting a hospital through the refurbishment of one of their permanent operating theatres.

The facility arrived in the last week of September. It is due to receive its first patients in the next week. This will follow the commissioning and testing period. Our team have worked closely with the host hospital staff during this critical time. They have ensured that the necessary testing and checks met the rigorous standards that we require of our facilities. This provides the highest quality of surgical environment, which is always our aim. These checks include: commissioning and validation of the air handling systems; testing the water supply to ensure it is safe and compliant; testing and monitoring of electrics; and instruction for the hospital’s staff on the use of the unit’s internal equipment and systems.

Q-bital mobile hospital deployed for refurbishment in Germany

The project is due to run for four weeks, to enable the efficient refurbishment of the hospital’s own theatre to progress without the concern of loss of surgical capacity. The mobile theatre includes laminar flow technology, which permits greater flexibility than our standard theatres when the hospital is scheduling the type of procedures that will be undertaken on the unit.