COVID-19 solutions

Vanguard’s flexible mobile and modular clinical facilities can be deployed as COVID-lite capacity for safely restarting elective procedures while maintaining Covid-19 readiness

How flexible healthcare solutions can help

As elective procedures are reintroduced in the wake of Covid-19, flexible healthcare can help address some of the challenges faced by hospitals.

Surgical cold sites

Setting up a stand-alone ‘cold’ site for surgery has many benefits. Such a site allows key procedures to continue while surgical space within the hospital itself is repurposed or can be used to safely reintroduce elective surgery while maintaining Covid-19 capacity within the site. Flexible healthcare solutions can also add significant capacity. Adding a visiting […]

Endoscopy cold sites

While additional capacity has been created at some of the Nightingale hospitals and other sites for CT and MRI scanning, endoscopy has presented a particular challenge. It places additional demands on the environment, since some endoscopic procedures are aerosol generating and require additional air changes as well as extended downtime between procedures. Around 80% of […]

Additional ward space

A major issue during the Covid-19 pandemic has been that many patients, particularly those shielding, have been worried about attending hospital for fear of contracting the virus. A stand-alone ward could provide a solution to this problem, providing extra reassurance to vulnerable or worried patients. Additional temporary ward capacity may be required at short notice […]

Minor injuries unit (MIU)

Even before the pandemic, capacity was an issue in A&E departments, as the number of attendances had been increasing substantially year-on-year for some time, and hospitals found people were waiting in A&E for treatment for injuries or conditions, which didn’t need emergency treatment. As lockdown restrictions are gradually released, the pressure on A&E departments is […]

Covid-hot environments

Because they are separate units that can be completely stand-alone, temporary mobile and modular units can provide a suitable facility for isolating patients with suspected Covid-19 symptoms, or for treating trauma patients or undertaking emergency surgery in cases where patients have not been tested for Covid-19. Examples of procedures that are now being undertaken in […]