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Vanguard Healthcare Solutions delivers new operating theatre at Spire Norwich Hospital

21 Απρίλιος, 2021
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Spire Norwich selected to work in partnership with Vanguard Healthcare Solutions for the provision of its new operating theatre.

Σπάιρ Νόριτς selected to work in partnership with Vanguard Healthcare Solutions for the provision of its new Χειρουργείο. The new theatre is the hospital’s fourth and represents an annual investment of £1.4m. Work on installation began in February. The theatre is a modular unit, and had to be levered into place during a weekend in March using a 52 metre high crane.

The new theatre will be treating around 30 patients a week and will primarily be used for day surgery including ophthalmology, orthopaedic and gastroenterology procedures, and will expand the hospital’s capacity to swiftly treat private patients whose procedures had to be postponed by the pandemic.

Spire Norwich has treated over 20,000 local patients during the course of the pandemic who would otherwise have had their treatment or diagnosis delayed, and the theatre will also be used to care for NHS patients, helping to reduce waiting times and the size of the overall waiting list.

Nayab Haider, Διευθυντής Νοσοκομείου στο Spire Norwich, said: “At Spire Norwich, we offer fast access to expert care with leading specialists, in a hospital where safety comes first. We are really pleased to be opening this new operating theatre, which will enable us to treat more patients, even quicker, in a comfortable environment.

Simon Squirrell, National Sales Manager, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions commented: “We are delighted to be working in a long-term partnership with Spire Norwich to provide the clinical infrastructure and support they require to meet ever increasing demand for service”.

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