1. Exploration

Vanguard offers clinically-appropriate environments suitable for over 80% of procedures taking place in the NHS, and to date have completed over 275,000 procedures. We take pride in delivering the highest-quality products and services, which are rigorously tested and monitored to satisfy stringent governance procedures. At the start of a project, we shall meet to understand your needs. Our project team will visit the existing environment alongside you to understand clinical workflows and local practices. Together, we will identify potential locations for additional infrastructure. At this stage, the priorities include developing a safe, bespoke solution with appropriate clinical adjacency and patient flow.

2. See it in action

We are experts in the art of the possible, so we can arrange for you to visit existing contracts to discuss procedure types, patient flow, and clinical environments with your peers. We will design custom modifications to support your team’s requirements if necessary.

3. Tailoring the solution

Vanguard’s own team of clinical experts (RGNs and ODPs) will engage with you at your hospital to provide guidance on best practice within the mobile environment, including advice on

  • clinical adjacency
  • patient pathway
  • risk management
  • patient flow
  • equipment requirements
  • staffing levels
  • pharmacy

Vanguard packages can also include clinical staffing teams and medical device equipment packages

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4. Implementation

We hold an operational delivery meeting to agree on work practices and responsibilities for the project, enabling all involved parties to make appropriate preparations. Vanguard work hard to limit the impact of the install on staff and patients. We manage the transportation and installation process to a timescale agreed by your estates team.

If hospital staff are at capacity Vanguard can augment your current team providing nursing and operating department practitioners to work in the mobile facility. Our clinical staff are fully trained and qualified with a minimum of three years’ experience within acute hospital environments before joining us and many have been with us for over 5 years.

5. Commissioning

Vanguard is passionate about supporting our clients in offering exceptional quality and safe healthcare. Our collaborative approach to mobilisation ensures that when lists and clinics commence our clinical staff are fully trained in the standard operating processes within the host Trust. This ensures that your teams are supported with capable and highly trained staff that can treat patients in a surgical or clinic environment meeting the highest standard of cleanliness and specification. Review our commissioning process for full details.

6. In practice

From the outset, we will work with you to optimise the capacity of the Vanguard unit, advising and supporting your teams on utilisation ensuring that the Trust meets its clinical and financial objectives. Our service provides a clinical contracts manager, who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to support your team.

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Vanguard client portal

The web based Vanguard portal enables clinicians, estates and hospital management teams to quickly review key documentation throughout the project duration and into live running. It features:

  • Unit drawings and dimensions
  • Installation instructions
  • Commissioning procedures
  • Out of hours and on-call details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Public relations planning