Rosemary Griffiths joined Vanguard Healthcare Solutions in March 2019 as Sales Executive for Wales & South UK with Simon Conroy.

Rosemary spent the majority of her adult life being a patient of the National Health Service. A chronic illness, followed by multiple complications, she has spent over a decade being an inpatient and having multiple surgeries. Through living and breathing with the NHS to battle her illness, she had the passion to help healthcare facilities with their every increasing challenges. Thus, she started working for the NHS in 2009, whilst still having surgery & undergoing different procedures. In 2012, Rosemary joined KCI Medical covering VAC (Vacuum Assisted Closure) Therapy throughout Wales and the South West. Through being a patient on their products, Rosemary’s passion for the product showed in her work by winning multiple projects and covering talks throughout the UK for the company and the NHS.

Rosemary is Welsh, a fluent Welsh speaker and has extensive experience of working with the Welsh Health Boards and English NHS Trusts as well as the Channel Isles.