Our heritage

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions is a leading medical technology company. We are comprised of a dedicated and experienced team of professionals, from our frontline clinical workforce to the Chief Executive. We partner with healthcare providers in the UK and Europe, focusing on providing mobile clinical environments and support staff. Vanguard is proud to have 20 years of experience in delivering support to the NHS. Our heritage is in bringing additional capacity to hospitals, but it has become a trusted partner in supplying an array of facilities to expand the boundaries of healthcare provision.

Since its origination, Vanguard has developed products in consultation with healthcare specialists which enhance the existing infrastructure of the healthcare estate. The company’s drive is to be part of developing the world’s most flexible healthcare infrastructure solutions. 2018 saw the official launch of Q-bital Healthcare Solutions, the international branch of Vanguard. The company’s expansion has continued unabated in both the UK and internationally, and it continues to deliver innovative new solutions.

Vanguard has provided support to more than 100 UK hospitals since 2000. We are also part of the NHS Supply Chain framework. Many clinical specialties have utilised Vanguard mobile operating theatres to complete a range of procedure types, and our strong clinical expertise sets us apart from other providers. From its origins supplying standard mobile operating theatre units, the company has grown to provide a wide range of clinical facilities, including laminar flow operating theatres, endoscopy suites and mobile endoscope decontamination units. It also provides peripheral and support services like equipment supply, enabling works and turnkey solutions, as well as a complete service offering with our partners.

We are proud to have some great facts supporting our pedigree as a first to mind provider.

Total partnership

Unlike many product-based suppliers, Vanguard seeks to partner with hospitals in order to offer a holistic solution that is appropriate for the client’s wider contextual situation.

Vanguard’s Total Partnership is our way of working with clients to provide well-designed, effective solutions. It enables the delivery of efficient, high-quality care that is safe and compliant at the point of delivery. There are three areas within Vanguard Total Partnership:

  • Clinical expertise
  • Engineering innovation and compliance
  • Service excellence